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I have worked with many designers, models, makeup artist and hair stylists over the years.  Most of my fashion shoots are done with teams that I organize, often coordinating with a designer or/and a wardrobe stylist and guided by a mood board that I design.  I have shot with teams as large as five models and three hair and makeup artists.  These are some of their testimonials.


"Bob is one of the best photographers I ever worked with. We did a photoshoot at the Palace of Fine Arts recently and the results where phenomenal! It was even beyond what I was expecting. Very talented and creative artist. I can't wait to work with Bob again!"

Mariya Molovidova

Designer and Owner

MM Art and Fashion

"I discovered Bob Kozma's  photography skills and specialty from producing Chinatown International Fashion Week (CIFW) in 2015.  Bob is ingenious in making his photos an art of cinematography experience for his viewers.  He captures and tells fashion glamour stories with his poetic mind yet produces professional classic pictures."

Monique Zhang

Designer and Executive Producer

Chinatown International Fashion Week


“Much respect for your attitude and ambition-your work is beautiful and I will absolutely be happy to refer you for anything that I hear of or if any opportunities come up for me that I might be able to bring you into.”

Kaytee Papusza


Papusza Couture 


"As a fashion designer, I really enjoyed working with Bob Kozma. He has vision, confidence and professionalism that makes working with him a great experience. He was very reliable, easy to work with, fast turn-around, and great results.  He captured the beauty and colors of my hand-painted collection. I look forward to working with him again. Thanks Bob!"

Biviana Lazo


InLush Wearable Art Fashion 


"I have had the pleasure of working only once with Bob. He had to travel to the location of photo shoot and brought all equipment with him and that shows real professionalism to me. It didn't feel like it was a struggle to find better angles; he knew which shots would be the best to take. The shoot was fast and easy we were able to cover everything we planned."

Anastasia Kryukova


A-K Design

"Working with Bob Kozma was such a great experience, I'm an artist /designer that takes pride in the detail of my work and Bob took all that into consideration, having a great eye for what Is best for each model and each creative setting we used to highlight my work.  He is punctual and organized.  He is a wonderful visionary who created a variety of beautiful images of my work that were beyond what I had envisioned and much more.  I would  highly recommend Bob Kozma to any artist and or publication."

Rory Castillo




"I think Bob's last name should be SuperNice- he's always handling any stressful situation with ease and makes shoots very enjoyable and pleasant for everybody involved; He's simply super nice to work with."

Veronica Lavery


"Bob is simply amazing. Always takes care of his models, designers, the hair and makeup team involved. Any shots, any people, anytime! Great personality and knows how to organize people to get the best shot! I highly recommend Bob!"

Michala Downs


"Bob was truly a gentleman and great to work with. He's great at collaborating with artists and going out of his way to make the client happy."

Crystal Hayes


Bob is such a wonderful photographer to work with!! As a model, you never know who you’re going to meet at times and Bob is great at putting you at ease and is VERY professional.  He will always ask first if he needs to touch you to move you into a pose or to adjust any clothing or jewelry. My experiences working with him have been absolutely wonderful and I will continue to work with him for future projects! I would very highly recommend bob for any of your photography needs."

Tiffany Woodbury

"Bob is a fabulous photographer, who is the utmost professional. Creative team building and nurturing are his hallmarks. I couldn't recommend him more highly for your next photo shoot!"

Svetlana Jilenko


"Working with Bob Kozma has been my favorite experience in my modeling career thus far! Not only is he the epitome of professionalism, but he is also kind, reliable and a master in the art of fashion photography. I am really looking forward to our next photo shoot!"

Natalie Jane Walsh

"I had the pleasure of working with Bob on a shoot in SF. It was so much fun & we had a great team. He was super professional & made everyone comfortable. We got some great shots for our project, enjoyed the city & all dined afterwards! Fun times. Those are the people you want to keep working with."

Tiffany Marie Hill

IG: @Tiff_exclusive

"I love working with Bob. He is professional, organized, and shoots are always awesome. I was so impressed with his editing time as well. Bob is a photographer every model should work with!"

Miranda Richardson

I absolutely love working with Bob as well as adore him. He is very professional, organized, creative, and quick to show you the results after a shoot. The results from shoots have always been amazing. As a model, it’s not very easy to find a photographer that can make you feel comfortable. However, Bob makes you feel at ease and the shoots exceptionally enjoyable. Additionally, he has such a wonderful personality and is quite a gentleman. I have nothing but respect for him as a whole. My experiences with him have constantly been splendid and I plan to continuously work with him in future projects. I recommend him to anyone looking for great results as well as an enjoyable experience.

Veronica Cruz Estrella IG: @Veraavixen


Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists


I've worked with Bob several times doing fashion editorials. He does great work! Excellent organization skills! Mood boards and timelines are essential to having a smooth shooting session. Bob executes a plan perfectly; talents, time frame, locations, wardrobe, etc. It's exactly what I look for as a makeup artist!

Teresa Song 

"Bob is a very professional photographer. He radiates creativity and positivity making any set he is on a fun experience while also getting great shots. I recommend him highly"

Karyn Jaenne Ally

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bob on several shoots. He is organized, professional, creative and I always look forward to seeing the beautiful images he produces!"

Rebecca  Shabazian 

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”

― Goethe

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